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    The Multiple Reasons Why Veneer Flooring is So Popular to Modern Houses

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    The first physical contact a person will have with his house is the flooring. Thence, floor finishes require the involvement of both functionality and trend. Simply because when it comes to flooring, functionality is not enough. That explains why considering the appearance, beauty, and feel would unmistakably add enough richness to the entire space.

    A great example is the industrial styling that we have seen over the recent years where the aesthetic design is chiefly based on wood. For many floor enthusiasts, veneer is one of the most preferred interior materials these days. On top of the multiple causes of its growing popularity, many project home builders often suggest the use of veneer because it adds splendour to modern spaces and provides a number of advantages to homeowners.

    Why is veneer such a good idea?

    Veneer flooring is made up of highly stable core board, supported by its bonding layers such as surface, framework, and backside. The surface layer is available in many different kinds of wood, colour variations, and surface treatments. The framework is composed of High-Density Fibreboard or HDF – a board made of compressed wood fibres. And right under the HDF framework is a piece of veneer backing called the backside.


    Wood is a hygroscopic living material which means changes in seasonal humidity can greatly affect this element. In that case, the traditional solid wood floor might swell or warp, causing rifts between the boards. The advantage of veneer-wood floors is that they have a cross-plied construction that can counteract such movement. Given they are made of thin layers of wood that are glued together, the chances of splitting or cracking are reduced. This makes the veneer more durable than a natural wood that it may even last for years.


    Designers often choose wood veneers for flooring ideas for their ability to enhance the look of a space. Veneers are shiny and gorgeous. They come in different colours from lightweight to dark and various surface treatments like ash blizzard, oak colony, oak tower, oak coffee, and more. Choosing the appropriate tone and pattern would go a long way when it comes to making your home look beautiful.   

    Cost Effectiveness

    Considering both pieces of fact that there is a deficiency in natural wood productions and that veener floorings are cheaper to produce, veneers are an affordable alternative to solid lamella and natural wood. As a worthy alternative, veneers provide aesthetics of a natural wood with less value. Lucky for homeowners who always prefer using economical materials whilst still producing an exclusive look.


    Another feature that supports to veneer’s stability is its resistance to the following wood destructors such as borers, termites, and boiling water. A flooring that has the immunity to these damages would also mean a flooring with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, giving the interior spaces a superior feel.

    Flexibility in Styles

    Veneers provide an endless number of possible designs, making them suitable for all types of structures including walls, floorings, and pieces of furniture. As mentioned, veneers are available in many different colors and surface treatment patterns. Since surface treatments harden the floors, they are resistant to scratches and marks, making them suitable for spaces that are subject to wear and tear like children’s bedrooms.

    Minor Refurbishments

    Since veneers have thinner layers as compared to solid wood floors, they are ideal for minor refurbishments at home. Homeowners can easily lay veneers flatly on the old solid flooring to conceal minimal wears and scratches or if the flooring is flat and stable.  

    Ecological Effect and Sustainability

    Unlike the other press-wood products, veneers contain non-toxic and formaldehyde-free materials. This means that veneer manufacturing does not really harm the environment. Plus, a single log of wood can manufacture plenty of veneers, causing less clearance of trees and a better way of wood utilization. And the fact that manufacturers barely use precious hardwood for this material makes it easier to sustain and recycle. Once they have reached their lifespan, wood veneers will crush to produce wood waste. Wood waste can be utilized in the manufacturing of fiberboard and medium-density fibreboard or MDF flooring.

    If you’re on the lookout for the right veneer flooring for your home, we hope this blog has helped. However, if you still have questions, don’t struggle on alone – get in touch! We can help you make sure that the choices you make are the best ones for you.

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