HealthThe rarest cosmetic surgeries in the world!

The rarest cosmetic surgeries in the world!


When it comes to plastic surgeries, even the most layman know about boob job, nose job and tummy tucks. But these surgeries constitute only a small part of whats happening in cosmetic world. For a lot of us procedures like brazillian butt lift and calf implants look strange and unnecessary, but those are not even close to the most weired surgiers there are. Lets have a look at some of them.

Leg lengthening:

Let’s start with the surgeries designed especially for people who would give their all to be taller. Currently there is a painful procedure that consists of breaking the bone of the tibia and fibula, and placing a device that every day must be screwed more and more, after three months you will be a few centimeters taller. In short, they break the bones of your legs! That is extreme, but surely some “little girls” like Kim Kardashian are willing to undergo this operation in order to show off model legs and be able to reach everyone in size his gallants.

Silicone implant in the skull:

Do you suffer because they nickname you “the little guy” or do they tell you “go over there dwarf”? No more! We recommend a silicone implant that is placed in the upper part of the skull in order to grow up to five centimeters, now it is only up to you that you accept that your head is opened, we are sure that not even Salma Hayek would cheer up.

Heel implants:

If, like Eva Longoria, you have been discriminated against because of your diminutive size, the word “short” obsesses you to the point that you hate it, and the previous proposal did not convince you, do not worry we inform you that a man named Richard Darell has proposed heel implants in the foot and although the idea sounds quite strange, there are already several prototypes and some people say they will be the “hit” of the future, do you dare?

Bra under the skin:

Surely Ninel Conde will consider this surgery in the future, because her “natural boobs” will soon obey the law of gravity. For all those who are looking for a firm and beautiful bust, there is already a new technique that deals with nothing more and nothing less than putting a type of bra under the skin, so forget about the “Wonder bra” and better put some metallic plates under your “boobs “, Yes of course!

Nipple surgery:

If you do not like this part of your body in the least, you can undergo cosmetic surgery that can correct any defect in this area, so you will not have problems wearing transparent blouses like JLo’s.

Jaw shaping:

If you want a face with the perfect and exact measurements like Natalie Portman’s you can already achieve it thanks to a surgery that is done by moving the jaw back or forward, all so that you have a sharp face, Ouch!

Cute dimples when smiling:

We all love dimpled smiles, but very few enjoy having them. Thanks to science, that’s over! There is a special surgery that allows you to get dimples artificially.


From the likes of celebrities like Micheal Jackson and Joan Arc to people who wanted to look like celebrities, for example Iranian woman who wanted to look like Angelina Jolie or boy who wanted to look like Justin Beiber or simply people who wanted to look different than rest of us petty humans. Folks like the girl who wants to look like a Barbie doll or the human ken doll.

We get so many examples of how obsession with plastic surgeries can go wrong.We should learn to love ourselves as we are and there is nothing wrong with getting a procedure here and there. But we should know our limits and never exceed them.

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