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Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Trends That Will Recharge Your House


Remodeling your kitchen will always be in style. It allows homeowners to inject value
into their homes and lets re modelers spice up their outdated kitchens with their custom
approach. Times change, though, and what was popular last year may not be today.
Here are five of the top kitchen remodel trends to recharge your home.

Dark Cabinets Are on the Rise

White kitchen cabinets have been the most popular color for many years. Now, though,
the tide is turning towards darker cabinets. With the modern homeowner desiring
luxury and elegance in the kitchen, it is hard to beat a dark cabinet. Today’s sleek
appliances pair well with black, dark brown, and gray kitchen cabinets, as well. Whether
it is individual components that are in lighter shades, like islands, backslashes, or
counter tops, dark cabinets can provide a deep, rich contrast.

Ceramic Tile Flooring is Gaining

Many people still think of ceramic tiles as all the same. Often square, in a similar color,
these tiles have been pigeonholed for a while. However, they can now look like other
flooring materials, including hardwood and stone. You can have them customized for
your kitchen and arrange them how you want, or you can have long planks to lay in your
kitchen. There is a reason they are increasing in popularity.

Islands are More Versatile

In the past, islands have been a one-trick pony. Nowadays, though, they are becoming
versatile components of the kitchen, with crucial functions. Whether they are for
storage, informal dining, a bar area, or as a place to house appliances, islands are
functioning in many more ways than they used to.

Adding Color is In

Particular colors have often been the foundation of the kitchen. White, gray, or black
cabinets and counter tops have been popular for a long time. Often, people have
integrated exciting colors – greens and blues, mostly – into individual aspects of the
kitchen. The trend is taking off, though, to include those wilder colors throughout the
entire kitchen. For example, bright blue cabinets can pair with blue islands, with smaller
dashes of white. There are endless possibilities to add in your personal touches, with the
simple addition of color to different parts of the kitchen.

Bringing Nature Back In

As kitchen re modelers are becoming more environmentally-conscious, they are bringing
elements of nature back into the home. Many cabinets are utilizing hardwoods, like oak,
maple, and walnut. Manufacturers are beginning to make synthetic versions of these
cabinets, as well, to the point that it is hard to discern the two. Many kitchens are
opening up to nature, literally, by tying together outdoor decks or oversize windows
with these rooms. These styles and materials can work with many different kitchen
forms, as well, from farmhouse to beach cottage to contemporary.


These trends in kitchen remodeling are exciting and varied. You can choose your
approach, materials, and colors to form the inviting kitchen that you have in mind. The
result can be a welcome, intriguing room that will revitalize your entire home.

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