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    Types of Bathtub Faucets You Need to Know

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    The overall interior world of any bathroom is nearly complete without the presence of bathtub faucets. The diverse variety of bathroom tub faucets provides room for aesthetics, quality and tranquility. Therefore, Wellfor presents an array of bathroom tub faucets that are ethically created and provide maximum functionality on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll understand the types of bathroom tub faucets available at Wellfor for superior interiors.

    Freestanding Tub Faucets

    These types of bathroom tub faucets are ideal for tubs that don’t compromise on pre-drilled holes. They stand Freeland hovering on the brink of the tub for convenient usage. They are incredibly flexible in usage and can bend to any angular position for your convenience. Due to their free mobility, they aren’t attached to the tub and, therefore, provide multiple approaches. One thing you need to be sure about before having them installed is that you must have underfloor access for the water supply lines so that you have sufficient space to be outburst. They blend perfectly along with the freestanding tubs and could be installed on clawfoot tubs.

    Deck Mounted Tub Faucets

    They’re also known as rim-mounted faucets; they are the perfect choice for the pre-drilled holes’ tubs and are usually fitted on their rims; however, the distance between those two holes varies from the variations of tubs. For that, you need to be assured of the dimensions between the distance from one center to the other center. Underfloor access is crucial to have for the deck-mounted tub faucets as it provides the water supply and ensures smoother running. An inflexible and robust water supply is essential for that because of the presence of the underfloor access. 

    In any case, if you don’t have access to the underfloor option, then opt for the flexible movement, which connects your bathroom tub faucets to the fluid distribution. This type of faucet is paired well with Wellfor’s freestanding, drop-in and clawfoot bathtubs. This premium quality bathroom tub faucet comes in solid brass, metal and ceramic, which gives it a stainless appearance and makes it ideal for cleaning children and pets. With the brushed goldfish, it looks exotic and sophisticated, highly compatible with your bathtubs. 

    Wall Mounted Tub Faucets

    This aesthetically pleasing yet conventional bathroom tub faucet is paired up with the pre-drilled faucet holes and embedded by the edge of the bathtub, being the origin of clutter-free usage. One of the most significant advantages is that it hides all the existing supply lines and connects you directly with the water supply right behind the wall. Wellfor’s wall-mounted tub faucets are economical and ideal to use along with almost any kind of bathtub, providing maximum sufficient usage without creating any mess around. For the installation, ensure that the spout is pretty long enough so that it can make its easy route from the wall to the tub basin. 

    Tub Wall Mount Faucets

    Another beautiful bathroom tub faucet is wall-mounted, specifically designed for mounting, which goes well with the inner corner of the wall that is aligned with the bathtub. With 3-3/8” centers, its pre-drilled hole lies on a bigger spectrum, depending on the variation of the bathtub. Ensure to measure the actual distance between the faucet hole to the wall-mounted tub before purchasing a smoother installation process. Wellfor suggests the 3-3/8”, which is industry standard and certified with excellent results. You may combine them with the nook, clawfoot or freestanding bathtubs. 

    Roman Tub Faucets

    They are paired with drop-in tubs and require three holes that are specifically drilled into the rim of the tub. In order to install a hand shower, you may require a fourth hole as they are like deck mount tub faucets, besides they come with numerous handle options to match the style of your preferred bathroom. Additionally, to utilize a Roman tub faucet with a freestanding or clawfoot tub, you need to have a platform installed next to the bathtub.

    Wellfor Premium Quality Faucet Handles 

    Wellfor invests its energy in making sleek yet cutting-edge bathroom tub faucets that are visually appealing and earn a CUPC and NSF standards certification, which makes them a prestigious mark in the industry of bathroom furniture and fixtures. Its brushed gold appearance gives it a heavenly demeanor, which is attractive to the masses. The stainless appearance is ideal when it comes to being in contact with the water, as it gives a glistening and chic look. 

    Faucet Spouts

    Wellfor’s ultra-modern and quality standard trench-like faucet spouts enable the water to go down more smoothly than ever. They are visually charismatic and ensure a prolonged reach of the fluid supply without any interruption and discomfort. The flexible gooseneck spout allows quick filling of the tub and provides maximum results. 

    Handheld Shower

    The magnificent 59-inch shower hose is designed to cater to the needs of the entire family members. Its ceramic disc valve is a robot and provides a perfect grip along with safety and convenience. Preventing the unnecessary dripping and slippery movements that may cause trouble for you and your loved ones in handling it. 


    In the realm of bathroom tub faucets, we hope this guide proved itself as a handy yet informative piece for you. Selecting different types of bathroom tub faucets requires essential information from their types and classifications. Opt for the fixtures that cater to your needs and resolve your issues on a practical level, along with providing aesthetics and great functionality.  

    From a wall-mounted tub faucet to a tub wall mount faucet and the Roman tub faucet to a freestanding tub faucet, understanding your bathroom’s space and points is exceptionally crucial. Get the maximum clarity about your bathroom’s water supply and determine the type of faucet for your next bathroom venture accordingly. 

    Furthermore, don’t underestimate the quality, finish and functionality as they provide longevity to your bathroom fixture and with the help of the right bathtub faucet, you may increase the use experience. 

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