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    What can cause a car water pump failure?

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    A car water pump failure can occur at any time of the year.

    Depending on the time in which we are, the customer may see different symptoms in his vehicle and not understand what the reason may be.

    Next we are going to analyze two symptoms that can vary with the time of year and some that occur throughout the year.

    Common symptoms of water pump failure

    Failure to properly repair a water pump can lead to engine overheating and more serious breakdowns.

    It is generally a gradual process but there are certain indicator points that must be watched to detect the problem early on.

    Every time a customer arrives at the workshop with the following symptoms, it is advisable to check the water pump.

    Symptoms throughout the year

    • Low coolant level.
    • A high-pitched sound coming from the front of the engine.
    • A coolant leak in the front of the car.
    • Excessive heating.

    Symptom in hot weather

    Temperature gauge shows coolant temperature warmer than normal (but still not overheating)

    Symptom in cold weather

    The heater does not produce much heat (due to low coolant).

    How to diagnose a water pump failure?

    • Check for coolant leaks at the drain hole and gasket.
    • Listen to the water pump while it is running.
    • Grab the pump pulley and check the bearing play.

    What Causes a Water Pump to Fail?

    Water pumps wear out over time, but the following things will speed up the process:

    • Bad / Incorrect Coolant – Contaminated or incompatible coolant can cause corrosion inside the water pump.
    • Belt Worn / Incorrectly Installed – A misaligned or too tight belt can cause the water pump to seize.
    • Dry Running – A water pump running without or low on refrigerant (due to a leak) lacks the lubricant needed to keep the seals in good working order. When seals overheat, they fail and cause even more refrigerant leaks.

    How to do a good preventive maintenance of water pumps?

    Preventive maintenance for water pumps sounds a little weird, but it can be done.

    There are two important things to keep in mind that can extend the life of a water pump:

    • Rinse and fill the coolant as scheduled – Coolant breaks down over time, and people sometimes add water to it. Both increase the possibility of corrosion inside the pump.
    • Use the correct coolant – Manufacturers use different materials for water pumps and engine gaskets. They specify the coolant that will not harm anything in your engines.

    What to look for in a quality replacement water pump?

    Some essential features:

    • Original equipment quality
    • A design that matches OE refrigerant flow rate and pressure.
    • In-house produced bearings.
    • High-quality materials.
    • Tested for durability, leakage, and dimensional accuracy.

    Some old cars will have many more problems than a simple water pump. If you have a scrap car and looking to get rid of it, you can contact a scrap car removal company to solve the issue quickly.

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