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    What Do I Look For When Deciding On Granny Flat floor Plans?

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    What Do I Look For When Deciding On Granny Flat floor Plans?

    Are you looking to increase the value of your home and add space in your home? Are you looking for a specific space to study, hobbies, or simply to relax? A grandmother’s flat is a great choice. As per experts like, If you are considering adding an apartment to your home It is crucial to select good granny flat floor plans that are suitable in order to ensure that your new space is suitable to serve its use. To assist you in your decision-making process, here are a few of the most crucial questions to consider before deciding on granny flat layouts.

    Why do you need a granny flat?

    The purpose for which the granny flat is intended must be on top of your list when you choose plans. If you’re planning to use it for a home office or a hobby space You may only require the simplest one-room design similar to the Bibo Bronte Studio. It will provide ample space to set up a desk as well as a tiny lounge that is separate from your home for the price of a reasonable cost.

    However in the event that you’re using the space for an additional bedroom, playroom, or a second lounge, you may require additional space. A bigger home such as the Bibo’s Burleigh and Barossa could be better to serve these needs, since they allow you to have a separate bathroom as well as a bedroom, if needed.

    Can it be considered habitable or not?

    If you’re planning to use your grandmother’s flat as an additional bedroom, it must be in compliance with Australia’s minimum requirements under the code of building:

    ⦁ Ceiling heights in the room should be at the minimum 2.4 meters.
    ⦁ The room should be equipped with windows that ventilate and let in light from the outside.
    ⦁ Damp proofing is required inside the building.

    Additional rules are also applicable based on the state you’re in. In NSW for instance, if the extension is designed to serve as habitation space, and is more than the value of $50,000, it must conform to BASIX certification. This means that it must comply with strict standards regarding energy, water and thermal efficiency.

    The process of obtaining this certification is a complicated and costly process due to the requirement to alter designs or upgrade materials, and then undergo long certification procedures. To make the process simpler and save time and money, all Bibo Studios are BASIX certified without additional cost to the customer.

    What are the council’s requirements for the granny flat?

    In addition to Australian building code Each state council will have its own rules. These regulations may restrict the size of an extra residence, and need permits for the construction of the flat, or set restrictions on who can be permitted to reside in them. To ensure that you’re in compliance with the law, consult your local council before you construct any structure.

    Do you need to modify your grandmother’s flat?

    In the case of constructing a granny apartment it’s easier and economical to build from plans that exist rather than designing from scratch. But, this method isn’t always flexible and can create a challenge to find precisely what you want in your new granny apartment. To overcome this issue Granny flats select a builder who offers various options for customization. There are three or more plans for each design that can be customized to suit your needs:

    ⦁ Rooms.
    ⦁ The position of windows and doors.
    ⦁ Dimension of the interior space.
    ⦁ The inclusion of bathrooms and their positioning.

    If you require assistance in deciding which granny flat floor plans are the best fit for your needs, get in contact with a good builder. Who can help you make the right decisions in the planning phase, and also after.

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