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10 Fabulous Holiday Marketing Tricks For Your Salon


And,  this year is going to end soon!!

Excitingly, it is bringing in the Holidays.. yeah!!

Undoubtedly, the holidays are going to be busy for everyone.   It comes with a lot of excitement, emotions and last but not least, the business for the Salon industry.

It is the best time to make your marketing game the boost so that,  it will give your thriving business.

Several leading companies such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart earn a lot of orders and customer’s footfall in the holiday season.

The smart businesses plan appropriately. Obviously, no one wants to let go of this opportunity in any way.  Those who are doing so will lack behind.

This season is all about giving gifts and wishing well for the loved one. But, for the Salons industry, it is a time for them to earn as much as they can.

Let be precise, to grow the Salon business, customers play an elementary role.  So, to satisfy them, it is a must to follow the tricks that can make them sustain and in result, enhance the customer retention rate.  Follow only the aspects that can grow their trust and help them get the best.

There are many ways that you can go with to make the holiday season the best time this year.  So, the best thing is to prep for the holidays and start early. 

And if still, you have not to plan how to market you Salon this holiday season then there is no doubt that you are diminishing your chances of gaining sales and revenue.  

But, do not worry. It’s never too late to get started. So, plan your Salon marketing strategy now.    And, if you are unsure about what to go with then read this article to get the insights and proceed accordingly.    We are here to give you the ten Salon marketing tips that you can choose to stand out. So, let’s get started!!

Table of Content

Leading Salon marketing tips

Make special gift packages

Use the CRM software

Give special discounts to potential customers

Personalize emails to Salon customers

Hold flash sales

Fill in your Salon shelves

Sell gift cards

Take advantage of social media

Arrange the photo booth corner

Include new services

Wrapping Up

Leading Salon marketing tips

Make special gift packages

This holiday season, we look for gifts to give. But, the task is tedious when it is about choosing the best. So, by possessing a special gift package ready for buying takes away the burden. This does not even waste time in selecting the appropriate gift for the beloved. It is also a best practice to sell the leftovers (inventory) of your Salon in less discount.

The tip here is to offer the customers only those products that they will love to try. With those things in hand, you are not only selling a free gift but also enhancing the chance to check out the new products.

Use the CRM software

Update your Salon and streamline all your business operations. With the Best CRM Salon Software, your holiday season can go easily. It encompasses the POS system from where you can get to know about the stocks that require refilling.

So maintain it properly and do not discourage your customers. This solution is also helpful in managing your Salon appointments. You can get more rush at your Salon, and handling every customer becomes a complex task. With this cloud-based software, you can make the appointments a smooth process and can entertain the customers at your available time slots. Be stress-free this holiday season with Salon Software.

Give special discounts to potential customers

Prioritizing those customers that can give your Salon business opportunities to grow is always a deal.   This not only boosts your Salon sales but also increases the chances of gaining new customers.

Hence, offer discounts on those products or services they take the most. So, why not to use this approach in the holiday season.   Providing the offering they cannot ignore while buying is the best manner to wish them.

Do not forget that it takes a lot to have new customers than retaining the existing ones.   Therefore,  if you just absolutely approaching the all-stars in a year, assure it’s through the holiday season.

The only method to boost holiday sales may be to give these potential customers the best deal when they suggest your Salon to their friends and family. And most importantly, that results in purchasing.

Personalize emails to Salon customers

You must be keeping your customer’s information saved in your database. If not, then you can go with the Salon Management Software to save the details of your customers. The customers’ history can be discovered and you can send personalized emails to the customers with the name and the required details to tell them about the Sales, discounts, and offers.

Choose the customers who buy from you in less time frame. Find out if they are purchasing the same. So, accordingly, personalize the email with a recommendation with the service or the product according to their taste.

In addition, the concept of email segmentation can also be chosen according to the customer’s personal details and history. Sending them an email to their birthdays is a great approach to show you are valuing them. They can, of course, become your loyal customers. This deal will go great for the holiday season while marketing your Salon.

Hold flash sales

Using the modes that can grow your Salon marketing this holiday season is productive and holding flash sales is one of the best approaches. Declare the last-minute sales will encourage the customers to purchase from you instantly.

In the holiday season, the customers generally look for the hottest items at the lowest prices. Hence, earn more from this trend.  Even though, you might be looking for ways to enhance your in-store sales and using your Salon website to earn more so that you can take your Salon business to a great extent. 

Like, on Christmas, you can make several sales in a day. It will allure the customers to visit your website for the latest offers.   Do not forget to show your websites on social media channels, website and on your app.  The more you promote flash sales, the more success you will earn.


Fill in your Salon shelves

To engage more customers at your Salon door this holiday season, the manners that can enhance the customer retention rate are a must. Think smart, and attract the customers by placing some good and easy purchasable products on your shelves.

Line them with the holiday stocking stuffs like, beauty themes ornaments, lash wands, hair serums, etc. Place only the stuff which is small and can fit easily in the customer’s pockets.  Make their purchase easy and budget-friendly.

Sell gift cards

You can get a useful piece of your Salon revenue in the form of gift cards this holiday season.  Is it known to you that the sales of gift cards are estimated to raise at $160 billion until the year-end?  And additionally, $ 27.5 billion is the least expected in this season.

By knowing these statistics, do you really want to miss the opportunity?

You should not!!

Giving your customers the possibility to buy a gift card can take off their stress while shopping for the loved ones.  Assure that you are wrapping the gift cards properly and are promoting on social media channels, emails, salons, websites, and apps.

Take advantage of social media

We all know about the popularity of social media channels. Customers spend a lot of time surfing it. You can use them to promote your Salon and gain an advantage.

Use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and some other social media channels for promoting the offers and discounts and also for holiday-related competitions or games. Make a bundle of services to offer a free service or give away.   The users love to win the prices and providing the prize will enhance your social media audience to visit your Salon pages regularly. This can boost the chances of converting the customers into visitors.



Arrange the photo booth corner

In this new world, people like to take selfies and posting on social media channels. You can set up a photo booth corner at your Salon where the customers can take the photos after taking the service. Here, you can promote your Salon business efficiently. Telling them to tag your Salon and affirm your Salon in their post will give your business more visibility.

Note: You should use your brand logo, your products, your social media page on the photo booth corner. Make them look subtle and elegant so that it does not show that you are advertising your Salon.

Include new services

Desire to earn more this holiday season? 

Then include some new services at your Salon. Introducing new offers and services related to skincare and beauty will attract your existing customers. Those customers can refer your Salon to their friends, and this way you can get more footfall.

Wrapping Up

Holidays are all about embracing. Integrating some of the holiday cheer to your Salon marketing strategies will make your business more memorable and relatable to your customers.

Making the customers start their holidays on the good foot will only help your business to be competent. So, it is important to spare some time to assure that you will make the most to connect genuinely with your customers.

Do not let the joy of the holiday season goes off. Be enthusiastic.  Work harder to make your name noticed like Hair Salon Management Software . Embrace the wind of this season!!

We hope you liked this article.  If we have missed something then let us know.

Do you have any marketing tips that you like to share? Also, share your views with us in the comment section below

Happy holidays!!

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