TechnologyDoes your New Apple iPad Requires an Extended Warranty?

Does your New Apple iPad Requires an Extended Warranty?


Why buy a New Apple iPad?

1.            A10 fusion processor

A10 fusion processor makes the iPad one of the fastest multitasking gadgets. A lot of horsepower helps you play games and augmented-reality apps at a faster pace. Editing videos made easy with this processor as it provides you to go through multiple clips at a time.

2.            Augmented reality

IPad has a 9.7-inch screen, it makes its mark in the market with new generation augmented reality. This feature plays new AR apps easily on the iPad which helps in education, gaming, entertainment and more. Businesses are also coming up with AR solutions like trying furniture in the real workplace or at home etc. Doctors use AR technology to teach students so they get to know the biological structure inside out better. iPad has turned learning, gaming, business, etc. into a beautiful experience.

3.    Apple pencil 

It may be an added expense but worth spending for its precision. It works like any pen/pencil in your life. It helps you take notes, draw sketches or mark documents. It is pressure sensitive and tilt sensitive making is perfect for art lovers. Apple’s pencil is supported by all the Apple iWork apps. 

4.    Versatile camera

The new iPad is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera which helps take clearer and sharper pictures. Photography lovers and students can totally rely on their camera. Video calls to video recording or capturing pictures all made fun with its amazing camera.

5.    Battery life

Over battery life testing, the iPad lasted for 10 hours on Wi-Fi with continuous web surfing. 

6.    iOS 11 productivity 

It helps in running two apps simultaneously and items can be dragged easily from one window to another.

7.    LTE

Access the internet anywhere with this LTE feature on your iPad. It is an optional feature which costs you extra but it’s worth enjoying the internet freedom. 

Why iPad warranty protection plans are important?

iPad is an expensive device and important too. No matter how careful we are yet accidents happen. It frightens us when we think of damaging our iPad or someone else using it carelessly. Therefore, it is important to take an iPad warranty protection plan. It covers almost every sort of damage that an iPad may go through. Similar to the iPhone protection plan. Some of the damages that are covered in the protection plan are mentioned below-

·         Cracked screen

·         Liquid submersion and spills

·         Accidental damage (dropped or slipped)

·         Theft and vandalism

·         Fire, flood and natural disasters

·         Power surge by lightning

iPad warranty protection plans are needed because-

1.    It provides extra protection from day one

Use your iPad with more comfort and ease of mind from the day you buy it. Warranty protection plans cover almost every damage your iPad can go through from day one. 

There are multiple plans available in the market. One can choose from varied options and whichever suits your day to day life you can pick that one.

Choose the plan as per your usage. Suppose you are buying an iPad for your kids then accidental plans are advisable. In case of rigorous usage of the device one shall go for internal malfunction or easy repair plans.

2.    Repairs made easy

We are all clumsy no matter how careful we try to pretend with our devices. While daily using the device we all end up being careless and start using it roughly. Electronics may get damaged easily without any prior warning. Therefore, the warranty protection plan takes care of the repair with no difficulty. The plan makes the process easier and keeps you worry-free.

One must be careful while picking the warranty protection plan as certain repairs and damages may not be covered in your plan. Ask your service provider for detailed information. Try to get the plan the covers most of the repairs and damages.

3.    Stress-free usage

We being adults, we already have so much going in our head. Day to day responsibilities etc. keep our brain occupied in some or the other way. By stressing about taking care of our electronics add one more responsibility in our tedious life.

Get the iPad warranty protection plan that helps u stay relaxed and you get to focus on your daily important work. With the warranty protection plan you would be able to fix things easily.  Without stressing about the accidents or damages to occur you get to use your iPad freely.

4.    Internal malfunctions are easily fixed

It is not always the accidents that damage the device. Manufacturing defects or uncertain defects may also happen, with the protection plan you need not worry about all this. The warranty protection plan covers it all for you.

5.    Easy replacements

A warranty protection plan helps you get an easy replacement. If the device is damaged to the level that is not repairable you may get it replaced easily.

If your plan covers money back or easy replacement, then it makes your life easier and you can use the device more freely.

Why wait for an accident or some damage? Be prepared beforehand for the unseen accidents with the warranty protection plans.

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