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    create a costly and peaceful sleeping space with your window dressings

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    Stylists and interior designers will often tell you that curtains can really make a bedroom, but only if chosen with care. So we have pulled together some of our favorite bedroom curtain ideas to help you pick the perfect pair.

    Choosing bedroom curtains can sometimes feel overwhelming with heading type, fabric weights, length, pattern, color and practical considerations all needing careful thought. However, before getting bogged down in the finer details it is important to remember that the primary role of bedroom curtains is to block out the light and keep your bedroom warm. When making any decisions always keep this at the back of your mind.

    If you are concerned that bedroom curtains could feel a little dated, interior designer Yvonne Jones insists they are always on trend.

    Curtains are always in fashion in one form or another, says Yvonne. I think living in a colder climate means we like to feel wrapped up and having curtains frames the view. Plus, Yvonne advises that curtains are a better choice for both warmth and sound insulation. ‘They also create a different aesthetic, giving a bigger visual effect, she says. I think they can give a room something it’s lacking, whether that’s warmth, simplicity, elegance or drama.

    Which curtain style is best for bedrooms?

    Heavier, lined curtains that will minimize any light leaks will be the most natural fit for a bedroom. That isn’t to say you can’t opt for a light linen curtain, just bear in mind you will probably need to consider investing in a blind to hang underneath. The same goes for delicate voile curtains which are best paired with heavy velvet curtains.

    If you are still choosing between blinds and curtains in your bedroom, it is important to note that while they can both look amazing, blinds aren’t a good fit for all windows. ‘If dressing a really wide window, blinds can look awkward and out of scale, explains Sarita Sharma, Ideal Home’s resident stylist. Likewise, on a really tall window, blinds can become cumbersome. Especially Roman ones, as you have to pull the full weight of the fabric up each time.

    Bedroom curtain ideas

    Choose a pattern that goes with the view

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Choose a fabric that enhances your view – life a leaf pattern, suggests Yvonne. In this bedroom, the view of the garden has been framed with floral print curtains in neutral colors. The curtains continue the botanical theme running through the rest of the room. The same pattern has even been used to create scatter cushions to tie them together with the vibrant green bed.

    Hang lined curtains to reduce light leakages

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    When choosing what fabric to use Victoria Walker, product manager at Hillary, suggests thinking about the function, you want the curtains to perform in your bedroom. ‘Voile are sheer and translucent and a great way of letting the light in while still offering privacy, but black-out, lined curtains are a better choice for bedrooms.

    I’d always line curtains though – unless they are voile – as lining makes your curtains look fuller, helps reduce light leakages and provides extra privacy. Colored lining is also available – think about grey or black facing out instead of white or ecru.

    Invest in linen curtains for a relaxed look

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Medium-weight linen or a linen mix curtain are perfect for creating a relaxed look. The navy blue curtains here hang all the way to the floor and add another layer of texture in this modern bedroom. However, they are quite sheer so it is worth investing in a blackout blind to hang behind them, to make sure you still get that good night’s sleep.

    Add drama with a bold print

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Nothing adds drama to a plain bedroom better than a big, bold pattern. Tropical or botanical prints, similar to these curtains, are very popular at the moment. When opting for a colorful patterned curtain, keep the rest of the room simple to allow your curtains to do all the talking. This room has been finished in a pale blue to work with the dark blue and green pattern.

    Choose a pattern that will standard the test of time

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    If you do decide to opt for a pattern make sure it’s a design you’ll love for a long time. Good curtains last for years so you need to really love the pattern, advises Yvonne. These pink patterned curtains feature a timeless design that will work with a variety of color schemes from neutral beige to a bright pink or red.

    Hold curtains back with leather or tasseled ties

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Avoid fabric-shaped tie-backs, which are old-fashioned, and choose woven leather, beaded or even tasseled ones instead, says Yvonne. Tie-backs are a great way to update existing curtains, swap your fabric tie for something more modern like a leather tie or these rope ties with wooden hearts.

    Allow curtains to puddle in front of a tall window

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    If you have long windows in your room order curtains that are a little longer than the window so they puddle. This works best with lightweight linen curtains that you don’t need to worry about creasing badly. However, puddled velvet curtains can also look sumptuous when creating costly bedroom. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, and only add an inch or two of extra length – you don’t want them to become a trip hazard.

    Pair velvet curtains with a sheer voile

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    I love well-made, hand-finished curtains hanging almost ceiling to floor, with a sheer voile, says Victoria. A sheer voile is the perfect solution to add some extra privacy to your bedroom if it overlooks the street, while still allowing light in. For a luxurious look, pair the delicate sheer voile with dark heavy velvet curtains.

    Add a wooden pelmet to a traditional floral design

    Leather armchair in the corner of a bedroom with a yellow cushion. The 1930s Arts and Craft style farmhouse, home of Sally Bourne of Sally Bourne Interiors and her partner David Confino, built with reclaimed materials from older buildings, near Ashdown forest in East Sussex.

    What you hang your curtains on can make just as big an impact as the window dressing itself. Pick a pole that co-ordinates with your fabric and suits your furniture style. The wooden rail in this bedroom compliments the earthy green and navy blue color scheme used in the bedroom. And works with the brown leather armchair in the corner of the room.

    Match your curtains to your walls

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Make a bold statement by color blocking in your bedroom and matching your curtain color to your walls. The cobalt blue curtains wraps the entire bedroom in the vibrant blue hue. When color blocking, add variation by playing with different shades and textures in the same color.

    Add a boxy pelmet

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    A flat, boxy, straight pelmet adds neatness to a window, says Yvonne. ‘When choosing a pattern. Make sure you take the whole room into consideration. The boxy pelmet in this bedroom echoes the smart grey wall panels, and ties the retro geometric pattern in with the rest of the bedroom. In a small bedroom such a bold pattern could be overwhelming, however the pelmet ensures it looks neat and tidy.

    Team patterned curtains and blinds

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Curtains and blinds can look wonderful when layered together. You can keep it simple with a plain blind under a patterned curtain. But for a more playful look team different patterns. In this room polka dot blinds have been partnered with contrasting striped curtains.

    When clashing patterns, it is important to make sure that they have at least one thing in common, whether that is color or pattern style. In this room the curtains have the same purple color scheme in common.
    Should bedroom curtains be long or short?

    This is all down to the size of your windows, and personal preference. The biggest benefit of long bedroom curtains that hang to the floor is insulation, so if you know your room can get particularly cold this might be something you want to bear in mind. You will also need to think about the shape of your windows and what will suit them.

    In general, hanging curtains to the floor will always help a room look stylish and elegant. I love curtains that are fitted to the ground – well 1cm off if I’m being fussy,’ says Victoria. Yvonne agrees: I like them to just touch the floor. If they puddle, then the fabric can crease or kind and not drape properly, as well as making opening and closing a nightmare.

    However, puddle curtains can look lovely against a tall window. However, you will need to be careful with your fabric choice, and bear in mind how you are going to clean under them.
    What color should bedroom curtains be and should they be lighter or darker than the walls?

    It is a good idea to consider soothing and peaceful colors such as green, blue or pink in a bedroom. These colors are all known for there soothing and calming qualities. Blue has even been said to help fight insomnia and anxiety.

    When choosing the color and shade of your bedroom curtains it is important to bear in mind the color scheme and decor of the rest of the room. As a general guide there should only be one stand-out star in a bedroom. So if the rest of your bedroom is littered in bold colors and patterns consider keeping your curtains in a subtle neutral tone. However, if your room is already neutral, you can inject some life into the room with vivid colored curtains.

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