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    How to improve SEO: 6 ways to boost website authority

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    SEO is the process of optimizing the website to increase its visibility and overall performance on all search engines.

    It involves specific changes to the website content and design that is more attractive to the users and search engines.

    Search engine optimization is the key factor to rank a website high in result pages. The very first thing to do is to publish high-quality content on the website to improve the website’s SEO. Quality content is specifically created to increase the site’s organic traffic and there is no alternate for the great content.

    Don’t forget to add the targeted keywords and phrases for every page on the website.  Once you select the keyword, try to avoid keyword stuffing and update the content regularly. The other most important thing in improving SEO is to optimize the metadata and build quality backlinks. Webmasters can also promote their content on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

    This helps to improve the website performance by getting organic traffic from different social platforms. The unique content matters a lot in increasing the domain authority of the website. The domain authority “DA” is also an important factor in increasing the SEO of a site. It is a search engine ranking score that tells how a website ranks higher in SERPs.

    If the website has a good DA score then it has more chances to rank high in all search engines. Users can easily check DA of their competitors by using different online domain authority checking tools. These tools check all the important MOZ factors of a website and display the accurate DA score. If you want to improve the SEO of the website, you must focus on increasing the domain and page authority of the site. Further in this article, we’re going to talk about some useful ways that can help users to increase the authority of a website.

    6 Ways to boost the website Authority

    Acquire Quality links from high authority sites

    Getting backlinks from high authority sites plays a huge role in increasing the authority of the site. According to Ahrefs, over 90% of the websites aren’t getting organic traffic from Google because they don’t have any backlinks profile.

    Therefore, getting strong backlinks is essential for the site.

    Being a webmaster or an SEO expert, you can use different backlink analyzing tools like Ahrefs backlink checker to analyze the competitor’s backlink profile. This will help users to analyze the competitor’s site to see their backlinks strategy. By doing this, they can try to get backlinks from that site too to improve their site’s overall position in SERPs. 

    Create High-Quality Content 

    As we have mentioned above, the quality of the content matters a lot in improving the site’s performance. It also plays a key role in building the authority of the website to increase its organic traffic. So, always try to publish quality content with relevant media files in the content.

    When you publish content that other users want to read or share, it also increases the chances of getting backlinks from high-authority sites. Uploading unique and plagiarism free content is an also a good practice when you want to increase your domain authority.

    It will increase the domain score which is an important factor in boosting the authority of the site. Must add the target keywords and don’t forget to use bold, Italics, and heading tags in the content. This makes content impressive and plays a great role in attracting new visitors to the site.

    Conduct a link audit of the website

    Search engine likes a website having quality links, especially from the authoritative websites.

    There are few chances of getting penalized by Google by having bad or toxic links. So, always try to make sure the backlinks must be acquired from credible sources. Also, the inbound links are very important for the site’s domain authority, and having bad links can lead to harm the site.

    Links from spam sites can decrease the authority of the site and it can even lead to a penalty from the search engine. To prevent this, users must conduct a site audit for toxic & bad links and remove them as quickly as possible. They can use Uber suggest’s backlinks analysis tool to find and remove the bad links from the website. 

    Optimize the website structure & User experience

    Website structure is one of the important factors in calculating the DA of the site. The proper website structure helps search engines to easily crawl the webpages of the site and helps to quickly indexing them on the search results. Now, Google has gone for the mobile-first, which shows that how well a website performs on mobile devices.

    The majority of the users are now accessing the website via their mobile devices. Thus, it makes sense to optimize the website for the best mobile usage. Once you optimize the site, check its all functions on the mobile device that it loads within a frame of seconds. This will boost the site’s authority and provides the best experience to the users.

    Improve the internal linking structure

    The internal links of the site show a good SEO signal to the search engines and play a key role in boosting the DA score of a site. This helps to keep a visitor on the site for longer as they move from one link to another and one page to another. It makes it easier for search engines to index the site as they can easily understand that which pages of the site are important for you. Creating internal links also reduces the bounce rate and helps search engines to easily crawl the website for a quick indexation process. 

    Increase the Loading Speed of Webpages

    The poor loading speed of the webpages hurts the bounce rate of the site. Several users have very little patience for a page that takes a lot of time to load. They may end up leaving the website and start the search for alternatives.

    To test the website’s loading speed, users can use Google’s PageSpeed tool. It will analyze the entire website and shows some possible ways to make the site faster.

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