Home ImprovementWhat’s an Ideal Schedule to Clean Your Home?

What’s an Ideal Schedule to Clean Your Home?


Are you stressed out by everything you have to clean in your home each day, or each week? You’re not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that an average American spends about 1 hour per day cleaning their home. There is no doubt that with errands, work, parenthood, and the daily chaos of life, keeping your home clean and tidy is one of the most challenging tasks.

The key to managing your household duties efficiently is creating a simple-to-follow schedule or cleaning routine that includes all of the essential tasks. This schedule is flexible, so you can customize it to your exact needs. After one or two weeks, you’ll have a clear idea of what tweaks will get the best results.

Daily Cleaning Tips and Hacks to Save Time

Use these cleaning tips to streamline your cleaning routine.

  • Avoid  going to bed with a lot of dirty dishes in your sink
  • Spend at least ten minutes each day picking up any clutter and putting it away
  • Make your bed every morning
  • Load your dishwasher after dinner or other meals
  • Wipeout your kitchen as well as bathroom sinks after a shower
  • Clean your kitchen while the meal is cooking
  • Strictly enforce a “no shoes” policy in order to keep your floors clean

Cleaning Schedule

For the day-to-day, use this ideal cleaning services london that schedule to keep your house tidy and sparkling clean & pest control london.


You can focus on mopping and vacuuming on Monday. This is because your floors likely took a severe beating over the course of the weekend.

  • Vacuum your bedroom carpets
  • Mop all common-area floors
  • Sweep your hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring 


On Tuesday, you should grab the plastic gloves and your scrub brush. It’s all about your bathrooms today.

  • Clean your master bathroom
  • Clean your guest or kids’ bathroom
  • Dust and clean around the sink
  • Use glass cleaner on any glass doors and windows


On Wednesday, you can get rid of dust, grime, and germs.

  • Clean all floors in your common area
  • Wipe down all kitchen chairs and tables
  • Do some outside sweeping and pruning


You can mix it up on Thursday and clean the following:

  • Sort through your fridge and deep clean your kitchen
  • Tidy up items that have been misplaced around the home
  • Straighten out any spots where keys, change, pens, papers, or other items are cast once you enter the home


You can focus on laundry throughout Friday.

  • Wash the entire week’s T-shirts, socks, pants, and other clothes
  • Iron and hang any outfits you need for next week
  • Now is also a great time to prepare your outfits for the weekend.


Since you’ve worked diligently all week, you can slow things down on Saturday. Reduce your cleaning to about 20 minutes and:

  • Strip your beds and wash bed linens
  • Pick up around your closets

If you need to update your bedding and shorten your cleaning routine, then it may be worth investing in higher quality sheets or even new pillows. Purple, for example, offers hypoallergenic options that ensure you don’t have to wash them every week to keep them fresh, kind to your skin, and safe for people with allergies.


Keep it light on Sunday by:

  • Rotating toys
  • Arranging and organizing books
  • Tidying up stray items left on tables, counters, and even on the floor throughout the weekend

By breaking up your tasks throughout the week, cleaning becomes a casual routine that’s easy to maintain.

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