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    8 Modern Cabinet Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

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    The only purpose that kitchens served a few times ago was cooking food and getting things ready for the family members but, over time kitchens have become the hubs in the house where you spend most of the time cooking, eating, and even serving your guests. Modern kitchen designs tend to be minimal with extravagant color combinations.

    In some cases, people remodel their kitchen floors and appliances leaving behind the old cabinets that may diminish the outlook of the kitchen. While remodeling your kitchen make sure that you get your new cabinets done, if not try to re-paint them so while you’ve remodeled your kitchen floor, your cabinet designs don’t look worn out.

    Modern kitchen designs have taken over the market and there has been a variety of modern kitchen cabinet designs. People went with the neutral colour combinations for their cabinets a few times ago, but in 2021 there has been a shift in the trend tending towards the coloured modern kitchen designs. Even if you have a small kitchen space your cabinet designs talk much about the renovation sense of the homeowner, so try to invest more in your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh new look.

    Without dragging it further, let’s have an insight into 8 Modern Kitchen cabinet ideas for the masses with small kitchen space.

    Slab door cabinets:

    Slab door cabinets usually go with the sleek glossy and wood finishing. Slab door cabinets tend to be part of minimalist design treatments ad has taken over the market like a storm. Most small kitchens are seen to have this minimalist slab door cabinet design in different colour combinations or some cases, neutral colours tend to stand out of all. With frameless fronts and glossy finish, slab door cabinets are a great way to modernize your kitchen, especially small kitchen spaces.

    Unlatched Shelving:

    Popular among the farmhouse and industrial style kitchens, Unlatched Shelving is the new go-to cabinet trend in the kitchen market. Depicting a spacious look, open shelving has been popular among homeowners with small kitchen spaces as well. Over time, cabinet doors have been coming off the hinges, and different designs cabinet designs including the Unlatched Shelving are trending in 2021. There was a time when people wanted to hide their kitchen supplies underneath the cabinets or hidden beneath the shelves but with time, homeowners tend to go with open shelving and showcase their supplies that used to be hidden.

    Interposed Kitchen Cabinets:

    Simply defining Interposed cabinets as a mix of the traditional and new designs, Interposed kitchen cabinets have become the new blue in the renovation sector. Fusing the ambiance of the vintage and modern look, makes your kitchen look different encompassing more space in itself. Installing the Interposed or infused cabinet designs is a great way to keep your kitchen updated without investing a lot of it into it that makes your kitchen depict a modern look without being dated.

    Dual-toned Cabinets:

    Another trend that has taken over the kitchen renovation market is the dual-toned kitchen cabinet design. A blend with different colours infused together, primarily the upper cabinets in neutral colours infused with coloured cabinets beneath them. Mostly the grey-blue shade cabinets with white or off-white upper cabinets are highly recommended for kitchens with small spaces. A mixed colour tone allows the kitchen space to look a bit roomier with a blend of basic and neutral colours. White upper cabinets, allow contrast and neutrality to allow for bolder colours on your base cabinets without looking overwhelming.

    Green-toned Kitchen Cabinets:

    Homeowners with small kitchen spaces should probably go with the colours that make your kitchen look spacious and this is of no surprise that the green kitchen cabinets are taking over the market with pace. Green, precisely known as light shades or green or muted olive green are widely used for cabinet contrast, but not the sea green or lighter shades of green. Dark olive green or emerald green colour gives your kitchen a Retro-flair look that stands out as compared to the neutral colours for the cabinets.

    Under-cabinet lighting:

    Apart from cabinet designs, lighting plays a vital role in making the small kitchen space look spacious. Under-cabinet lighting enhances the beauty of the cabinets as well as the light that surrounds the kitchen space, creates an ambiance that can help your kitchen getting a new look without investing a huge amount in remodelling. Lighting allows the space to look bigger and creates ease, even when you walk into the kitchen for a late-night snack.

    Bold cabinet installation:

    Bold cabinet installations go best with the ones who want to give their kitchen a vintage, eclectic vibe. Solo-pattern designs usually without the copper or nickel knobs depict a bold outlook of the kitchen. Different knob and hardware designs are present in the market but, going without the knobs and handles for cabinets is a thing to be considered to give our kitchen a premium bold look. Bold cabinet designs go with specific colour combinations and are suited best for small kitchen spaces with bolder colour contrasts.

    These kitchen cabinet renovations can make your kitchen space look more appealing and can add flavour to the overall look of the space. Do your homework before opting for designs and investing in them. Go for the cabinet designs that suit best with the colour combinations of your kitchen and give your space a new refreshing look!

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