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    Tips To Help You Get The Most Money From Your House

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    A Comprehensive Plan

    If you want to get the most for your property, you’re going to want to take a multi-faceted approach. You’ll want to look at your house from the inside and out, totally clean everything up, properly maintain the premises, and list with the right people. Additionally, you may even look into listing on your own, but this could be a mistake.

    While it’s possible to side-step realtor fees, doing so could require putting your house for sale over many years, and you might not get the best deal you could. It’s possible that a realtor could list your property for more and give it the right “spin”. Groups like House Heroes understand why homes sell, and how to make them attractive in the market they occupy.

    What such groups are likely to advise will involve the inside and outside of your home. How is your landscaping presently? You may not be able to install trees, flowers, and bushes so high they bring a microclimate to your home’s premises; but if you know you’re going to sell next year, you might install a sprinkler system—if that’s advisable. It could expand property value.

    How is your roof looking? Have you re-tiled it recently? You may want to do that. How about a lick of paint on the outside and inside walls? There’s always room for a new coat of paint. Make sure the lawn is properly mowed. On the inside, remove family photos and that which makes your home personal to you—prospective buyers want to imagine their own possessions where yours are.

    Home ladder roofing house

    Redoing Varying Rooms In The Home

    Look at that attic, and that unfinished basement. If the attic is structurally sound, you could turn that area of your home into a reading room, or an observatory, or a guest bedroom. The basement could be a separate apartment if it’s got a restroom, space for a bar/kitchen, and its own exit. Finishing it in general is a good idea.

    How about the main floor? Do you have any adjacent rooms that are small and separated by a non-supporting wall? You might just knock that wall out and open up the space. Or how about the kitchen and bathrooms; have you remodeled them recently? You may want to do that.

    Look into energy-efficient options, too. Solar energy is more effective and affordable than you may have realized. A single solar panel with 100-Watts of energy will cost around $100. A 3.1 kWh solar energy system is 31 panels, or $3,100. You’ll need to spend another $2k (or thereabouts) on cables, batteries, power inverters, and power converters, for a $5k total.

    Such a solar energy system could bring between $10k and $20k to the value of your property. That’s a two to fourfold increase on your initial investment. Additionally, it’s possible you’ll get a tax break. Also, the cost of utilities on a monthly basis is reduced as solar energy takes up the slack. In a pinch, installing a solar system can increase what you make on a home sale.

    This house would get you the most of the money

    Timing And Consultation Help You Find Your Balance

    Consider the time you list your property, also. There are certain moments in the year when listing makes more sense than others. For example, if you put your home on the market in the middle of winter, it’s a lot less likely to sell than if you put it on the market toward the end of spring, or the beginning of fall. Different markets will have different “sweet” spots.

    Something else you might do is add a prefabricated shed in the backyard. You could make your own little “man cave” out there, or even install an outside underground bunker of some variety. That’s a little more pricier, but here’s the point: if you’ve got additional space, use it. Find a way of capitalizing on it.

    If you want to sell your home at the highest possible price, you’ll want to take a comprehensive approach to maintenance and refurbishment. Total remodel may not be necessary, but you can see some worthwhile results from such action.

    Working with realtors and local construction experts can help you make the best choices. Sometimes less is more, sometimes it’s not—every home is different. Whatever you do, inform your action beforehand.

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